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Game of Thrones Menu

Ser Arlen Pennytree’s Chestnut & Chickpea Soup                                                                        3.95


Pyke Kraken, seasoned with Salt from Ironman’s Bay, Dornish Limes and Coriander

(Deep Fried Squid with Coriander, Lime & Seasalt)                                                                      6.50



Recipe from the Mysterious East: N’Ghai Fishcakes with Braavosi Sweet Sauce

(Thai Fishcakes with Sweet Dipping Sauce)                                                                                    5.95


Wildling Oxen & Ale Burger

(Scottish Beef & Ale Burger with Fries & Coleslaw)                                                                       8.50



From West of Vaes Dothrak: The Lhazareeni, the Shepards of Essos:

Lamb, seasoned with the finest spices from the Spice King of Qarth himself

(Cumin & Paprika Spiced Mince Lamb Burger)                                                                              8.95


Northern Hog, with High Garden Lemongrass & Ginger

(Pork, Lemongrass & Ginger Burger)                                                                                               8.75



From the Kingswood, the Boar that gored The King (Long May He Reign) with the Finest Ale

(Wild Boar & Ale, Sweet Potato & Rosemary Stew with Mash Potatoes)                                   9.50


Glazed Northern Hog Rib

(Sticky Ribs with Fries & Coleslaw)                                                                                                    8.50



The Hound’s ******* Chicken

(Individual Chicken, Honey & Leek Pies with Fries & Coleslaw)                                                   8.50

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